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‘After spending many years maintaining the lawns for friends and family I decided that I wanted to make this my career and set up my own business. It was the best decision I ever made.’ 

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Landscaping yourlawn Alton


Expert Service

I can mow Lawns of many different shapes and sizes. My principal lawnmower is a rear roller Petrol Cobra which leaves an excellent stripped finish to the lawn. I also use a petrol Flymo for more hilly lawns. I will also include a general strim and lawn edge cut (grass collection and disposal or larger areas which require strimming or edging will incur an additional cost). I will come and inspect your lawn first and provide you with a free quote.

Leaf blowing yourlawn Alton


Always Prepared

I use a very powerful McCulloch leaf blower. The leaves can either be blown to wherever the  client specifies or shredded or collected and disposed of correctly  (this will Incur an extra  charge).

strimming yourlawn Alton


Attention to Detail

A general strim after mowing is included within the mowing quote. If you require Strimming for larger areas there will be a separate charge for this service. 

moss killing yourlawn Alton


Always Prepared

Moss is one the most hated things to have on your lawn. If left it will spread and starve the grass roots. A good scarify or power rake in the Spring or Autumn will make your lawn look so much better. 

scarifying yourlawn Alton


Attention to Detail

Scarifying is the process of removing dead thatch from the lawn. Thatch is made up of organic matter that, when left to build up, will stop the grass roots from penetrating the soil below. This is usually done in the Spring or even Autumn and I use a mechanical scarifier that removes the thatch leaving the soil below visible.

overseeding yourlawn Alton


Expert Service

This is done after Scarifying the lawn and usually in Spring or even Autumn. To get the best results, it is best done before Top dressing to ensure good seed germination. 

Top dressing yourlawn Alton


Always Prepared

Top dressing is carried out immediately after over seeding. It ensures good contact of the seed and soil to enable germination. It can be done using a good top dressing mixture or compost. 

Lawn makeover yourlawn Alton


Attention to Detail


Is your lawn looking tired and sorry for itself? If the answer is yes then it may be time to give it a Full Lawn renovation to bring it back to life. I have outlined below what is involved:
Full Renovation:


  1. Clear the lawn of any loose debris.

  2. Trim around the edges.

  3. Mow the lawn on the lowest setting and bag cuttings.

  4. Apply Iron Sulphate if needed to treat moss.

  5. Scarify the lawn using a mechanical Scarifier in multiple directions to take out all the moss and thatch buildup. 

  6. Rake up all the thatch and moss and put them into 1-tonne bags.

  7. Mow the lawn again to pick up any loose debris. 

  8. Aerate the lawn using a mechanical Core Aerator to elevate soil compaction and to allow nutrients (water, air, seed etc.)  to penetrate the soil.

  9. Rake out the soil cores and bag them.

  10. Apply a Wetting agent to the lawn which will prevent the lawn from becoming compacted and allow water to sink into the soil properly.

  11. Overseed the whole lawn.

  12. Top Dress the lawn using Compost

  13. .Rake through and level Top Dressing.

  14. Water. 


seasonal lawn treatments yourlawn Alton


Expert Service

Keeping on top of regular season lawn treatments is highly beneficial for your lawn. I use a number of different treatments throughout the year to help the lawn look it’s best. Get in touch now for your free lawn treatment quote.

Hedge cutting service yourlawn Alton


Attention to Detail

I use a Long Reach Echo Hedge Trimmer that is very powerful and does a great job. I also have an 8 foot Tripod Platform Ladder which reaches the tops of most hedges. 

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